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Elizabeth Shepherd’s fifth album The Signal has almost universally been hailed as the best of her career. It has also showed up on a number of “Best of 2014″ lists across North America. The record will be released in the UK and France on January 26, 2015. Here is some of the praise for Elizabeth’s latest release:
  • “A soul-groove masterpiece”….”one of the big releases of 2014.” Radio Cologne (Germany)
  • “Top 10 Soul/R&B Album of 2014″ EXCLAIM
  • “An important work” London Evening Standard
  • “One of the coolest records of 2014″ Winnipeg Free Press
  • “8/10″ UNCUT (UK)
  • “The most important vocal jazz record to be released all year.” Something Else (US)
  • #11 of Best 26 Albums of 2014  Globe & Mail
  • “5 stars” Blues & Soul (UK)
  • “Best of 2014″ All About Jazz (US)
  • “One of the most creative, inventive, and delightful albums of the year” The Voice
  • “One of the best jazz albums of the year” ICI
  • “An enchanting album” Radio France
  • “Sublime” Metro Morning, CBC Radio One
  • “Stellar” Toronto Star
  •  ”Shepherd is up to something exciting here: using the complex funk rhythms of today’s jazz/hip-hop experimenters, telling highly personal stories in artful lyrics, and singing with an cool, indie-pop attack” PopMatters (US)
  • “The Signal is an excellent return for Shepherd; it’s hip, bracing, sophisticated, and accessible.” All Music (US)
  • “A Björk-meets-Steve Coleman-meets-Joni Mitchell sort of record that will further enhance the Canadian’s reputation.” The Irish Times
  • “Arrestingly soulful….irresistibly hip” Montreal Gazette
  • “Elizabeth Shepherd has delivered the best album of her career” La Presse
  • “It’s the album that confirms it all: the talent, the originality, the singularity.” Le Devoir
  • “A listener with ears cocked toward smart, jazz-inflected pop will probably want to rewind for another dose of aural candy.” Ottawa Citizen
  • “Combining soul, funk, old-school hip-hop and jazz, of course, Shepherd delivers an album that should pique everyone’s interest.” EXCLAIM!
  • “Seductively draws you into its world and delivers music for both the mind and body.” All About Jazz (US)
  • The Signal is a testament of ingenuity, progression and womanly strength wrapped in layers of jazz, pop and hipster groove.” !earshot
  • “An album that demands to be listened to from start to finish.” Stylus
  • “A confident, if introspective, album by an artist in total control of her sound and message, making categorization beside the point.” Burning Ambulance (US)
  • “The lyrical content is just as sharp as the compositions and arrangements” Revive Music (US)
  • “‘The Signal’ by Elizabeth Shepherd is stunning.” Ride the Tempo
  • “First-rate recording” Critics at Large (US)
  • “A great album” rbb Radio Eins (Germany)
  • “Very forward looking” Jazz Weekly (US)
  • “For the best in high concept genre-bending, try The Signal from nu-jazz explorer Elizabeth Shepherd.” Cashbox Canada


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