Elizabeth Shepherd Album Preview: The Signal in stores Sept 30, 2014

signal 1 lores
1. Willow (feat. Lionel Loueke)

2. B.T. Cotton

3. What’s Happening

4. This (feat. Lionel Loueke)

5. Another Day

Over 4 critically acclaimed albums, Elizabeth Shepherd has created a body of work that has resonated with music fans around the world. Credited as one of the young forces pushing the boundaries of jazz, Shepherd further carves an artful, soulful and hip brand of music all her own with her upcoming release, ‘The Signal’. The Montreal-based singer/keyboardist has been praised around the world for her soulful innovations and for making “jazz” exciting and accessible to a young audience. Versed in equal parts Stevie Wonder, Salvation Army brass bands and classical sonatas, it is perhaps no surprise that Shepherd has developed such a distinct and unique voice.

With ‘The Signal’, Shepherd joins the ranks of an exclusive group of artists committed to uncompromising and playful exploration, unafraid of falling between the genre cracks. Highlights include her collaborations with Lionel Loueke (Herbie Hancock, Gretchen Parlato) – one of the world’s most celebrated guitarists of his generation – which are both sublime and funky. The subject matter for the songs covers topics as wide-ranging as Monsanto and motherhood, witchcraft and war. Her trademark rhythmic groove is always at the core of Shepherd’s writing, while her fluid, sensual, breathy voice is as compelling and haunting as ever.

There’s a maturity to Shepherd’s songwriting here, as she clearly doesn’t set out to prove anything, and in effect, does so much more. ‘The Signal’ plays as a series of 10 seamlessly woven songs, hearkening back to the golden era of the Album: a purposefully crafted audio journey that begs another visit, time and time again. Far from sitting neatly in any camp, ‘The Signal’ will outlive trends and fads and reward music-lovers with each new listen.

The Signal will be available everywhere September 30, 2014.


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