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L’Orchestre National de Jazz does Elizabeth’s music

It’s an incredible honour to have the Orchestre National de Jazz do a night of my music. December 7, at L’Astral, the ONJ and... Read More


‘Suits and Ties’ was based on an interview with Steven Wells, who ran MTL gay club, Le Mystique for years. He recalls Montreal’s “Stonewall”... Read More

Video for ‘The Terminal’ is out, and it’s stacked with a stellar cast

Our video for ‘The Terminal’ is out! Stefan Verna works his magic on the camera, with Jean-Guy Robert dancing, and guest appearances by drummer... Read More

The second video is out!

‘Reine du Monde‘ is set in the Montreal cathedral that the song is named after. It’s an ode to the towering women I met... Read More

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